The company is well known in the field of electrical services and contracts and provides and implements high performance solutions for the installation, testing and operation of high, medium and low voltage switches, control and control panels, sub-station automation systems, power and control cables, grounding systems, fire alarm / detection systems, SCADA, (DFR), advertising systems, fiber optic cables, connection communication systems, low voltage switches, DC / DC distribution systems, Wires interconnection panels and the ends of the cables and installation of control cables, cable trays and cable systems and equipment underground station and lighting system.

We have a project that provides the services of
upgrading and modifying substation equipment and protection projects
installation of systems and substation equipment


Equipment, grounding system, station lighting, indoor advertising system, cathodic protection system and substation equipment such as low, medium and high voltage switches, switches, emergency generators, battery charger, battery pack, uninterruptible power supply system Fire alarms, gas detection systems, site cables, location control stations, related equipment, manufacturing and installation of stents, switches, connecting boxes, cable trays and also installation of k Plat power control through cables trays or trenches or direct buried underground.

Our project services provide projects
for upgrading and refurbishing stations
installation projects, electrical location equipment, equipment and substation cables


Abdul’s Group provides contracting and subcontracting services for communications systems, industrial infrastructure for the telecommunications industry, utilities, trains, petrochemicals, fertilizers, refineries, gas and oil installations, transportation, power generation, banks and mobile operators, covering a whole range of network management to smart buildings and cables. Structure. The company is well-known in the field of communications and infrastructure services and contracting and provides and implements high performance real-time solutions for installation, testing and pilot operation:


LAN management/ cluster management systems, network security management systems, phone management systems, WAN management systems, and data center management systems.

Intelligent Management

Building management systems, facility management and lighting control (EIB / KNK), CCTV systems with IPTV-based CCTV systems, public access systems, access control systems and RFID and IP parking systems.

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