Our customers are demanding an increasing level of quality of supply, and have applied to electricity facilities to determine service levels and reduce operating costs.

One way to provide remote control of distribution networks and in some cases to provide automated responses to faults within their network. The company offers automated operating systems distributed using the SCADA system for distribution stations that provide integration (IED), remote control and monitoring using modules Data concentration and protocol portals for integration across multiple user services and HMI using standard SCADA functions, reducing loss of distribution systems, improving power quality and providing power management functions.

  • Automation of energy supply
  • Automation of the remote control unit
  • Manage listings for business
  • Integration of MIS and SCADA (MIS & SCADA / ERP)
  • Flow loads.
  • Control transformers
  • Expect loads


We offer the best products, solutions and services to implement the sub-station automation projects. While most of the IEC-61850 compliant systems and substations currently being built are open substations, our power In the integration of multiple IEDs and the integration of IEC 61850 IED with the previous IED in existing systems, we offer complete solutions including study, engineering, system integration, system installation, testing, pilot operation, operation and maintenance. Our wide range of offerings complies with international standards, And high-quality services Quality to our customers. Our offers include:

  • Numerical relays – Integrated status monitoring on line
  • Substation data server (workstation to digital – DAP server)
  • Corporate connectivity and data applications
  • Image software for dealing with human equipment
  • Security gates of the substation
  • Gates of the supervisory control and data collection system (SCADA)
  • Communication channels and backup servers
  • Remote access for maintenance and diagnosis

Our subprocessor automation solutions provide the following core functions

  • Cell controller (BCU)
  • Cell Protection Unit (BPU)
  • Managed Ethernet switches that provide Ethernet LAN infrastructure.
  • Human handling software with equipment at the station
  • Independent backup communication portals
  • GPS Receivers
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • General Data Collection Unit


We offer solutions to upgrade or upgrade the SCADA system for the traditional sub-station for integration with the different supplier systems of the remote terminal module, the event relay recorder and the transient fault logger (DFR). Services also include replacement of these systems.


We Provide engineering solutions for the traditional control and protection system, from basic protection engineering to system integration up to 400 KV. The choice of protection project and control systems and control panels based on numerical relays for generation, transmission and distribution in facilities and industries. This also includes the automated operation of measurement, control and control of the substation or sub-station group. Our offers include:

  • Line protection
  • Protect the adapter
  • Protection and control of nutrient
  • Protection of circuit breakers
  • Disturbance recorders
  • Software tools
  • Alarm units

Our team is capable of working in advanced environments (according to the IEC61850 standards) and is able to integrate the new system with the current modbus (DNP 3.0 IEC 60870-5-101, 104) in-situ support to configure the system with HMI and connectivity equipment

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